Finally received tour guide license

I, receiving the certificate

I, receiving the certificate

I finally got my tour guide license on the 30th after three years of wait because I had applied for it in the year 2006. I started preparing for the entrance exam after applying for the license in 2006 and continued it for a few months but finally I stopped because the tour guide association of India sued the Indian government for issuing the license. They never want new people to come in the industry as they are afraid of loosing their bread and butter because most the old guides are not good. They got their license when it was so easy to get it. Now the process is tough but it will definitelyproduce better tour guides who are at least trained to not chew betel while talking with their clients:)

The certificate

The certificate

My brother Chandan, who is an escort, told me something really funny. He said that when he was in Benares last time with his group, he had hired a government approved tour guide who went with them for morning time boat ride. This tour guide started talking about Benares, Hindu religion, Benares culture and Ganga. He said several times that Ganga is not only a river for Hindus, she is considered as mother. After a few minutes when his speech ended, he started chewing betel and later spited it out in the river Ganga in front of his clients. The clients got really upset and they asked him if Hindus spit on their mother and he just did not have any answer. I hope the people who have attended this training program will not do such thing.

Sana and I at convocation hall

Sana and I at convocation hall

The tour guide training program was stopped several times because the tour guide association of India was alwayssuing the government. They sued the government first time right after the application forms were open and then it took few months to settle things, and then government organized entrance exam and then again tour guide association sued the government and the program was stopped again for a few months as the case was going on in Delhi High Court. Finally the government won the case and High Court of Delhi ordered the government to start the training as soon as possible so finally training was started after 3 years in August 2009.

Happy moment

Happy moments

The training was held at IITTM in Gwalior where I got to learn a lot. The total duration of training was 16 weeks- 6 weeks of classroom teaching and 10 weeks for field work. There were over 75 lectures in 6 weeks and I did wrote my research paper on Benares. I focused on cultural diversity of Benares. There was a written exam and an interview at the end of the program and I passed both and finally got the certificate. Now I have to go to Delhi to India tourism office with a police verification certificate and then they will issue me a provisional license which will be valid only for two months. And after two months my red card (the permanent license) will be issued. I hope they will not create any problem in Delhi.

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  1. Dilip Ji,

    Its very sad that people like you have to suffer for license. I also agree with you that escorts can also work as good as any other LICENSED tour guide. In fact, I think that escorts are much better than tour guides because they have a lot of experience. Keep trying and best of luck!

  2. Rohit,

    The process is same for everyone. Please read the whole post and go through all the comments.

  3. Chandan Ji,

    I don’t know where you are based so cant really suggest you anything but I have heard that embassy’s cultural centers are the best places to learn any foreign language. Why don’t you try Russian Embassy’s cultural center in New Delhi?

  4. Sanjay Ji,

    Please say PLEASE one more time and maybe I will be able to help you getting the license:)

  5. Dear Lalit Ji,

    Just read this whole post and go through other comments and you will get answer of all of your questions as procedure is same for everyone.


  6. I’m working as a french translator in Pondicherry. Can i get guide license.?

  7. Mr. Martin,

    Process is same for everyone. Do you have Indian citizenship? If not, then you can’t get the license.

  8. When tour guide licence form are coming? is there any chance in 2011?. When did they last came? reply me soon.

  9. my name is manish modaliyar i live varanasi in india near bank of the river i would like to talk western people and try to ex plane about my city but i have always problem with police i want something that they will not give problem to me because i always meet western and i have to many friends in Europe i want some advice about that please help me………………..

  10. Manish,

    I don’t really think that the Police can stop you by talking with foreigners. There are restrictions at ASI monuments but if you are somewhere else then there should not be any problem. Anyways, I also remember when I did not have the license and how I was worried about the Police all the time. Try to get tourist guide license and all of your problems will be solved.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Please advice me how can i become a tour guide ?
    At present i am with a travel company in Delhi & working as an sales executive (Inbound Tours) and have little experience of escorting..
    Age:: 23
    Qualification:: BTM

  12. Mohit,

    There is only one way to get the license- attend the training program. Just wait for the training program to start again next time.

  13. Karan,

    Procedure is same for everyone so please just read the whole post and I don’t have any idea about when the license will be issued next time.

  14. Good experience , i am also waiting for spanish guide licence but still working last 11 years . now i think i need licence because situation are changed in last 3 & 4 years . good luck to you .

  15. how i can get a form for exam to become a guide/escort…actuly i m pursuing my bsc in avation,tourism&hospitality..and i dnt have any knowlegde about…..diz…so plz if u can help…..plz mail me realted information

  16. Hi
    Bro plz can u give me a advice i m Allrediy a tour guied in jaipur but onliy for jaighr fort since last 8 years now i neeed a licens for nort india i can speek spenish lengueg also almost i work with of spenish pepols plz tell me how can i get the north india license

  17. Mr. Kabeer,

    Just wait for the right time. I don’t know when the training will be organized next time. Procedure is same for everyone.

  18. Hi,
    Congratulations for your Achievement.

    Can u guide me for same?,
    how can i get the licence of tour guide?
    Send me some Link related tour guide licence information

  19. Bro m sushant i live at Varanasi. Bro i love guiding trade but don’t know anything ant it m perusing my 3rd year and want to become a guide.
    i want to know that what eligibility i would be needing to become a guide
    and when, where and how to apply for guiding license bec now m ready to make guiding my profession and passion plz sujjest me :)

  20. Dear Susbhant,

    The process is same for everyone and I have already explained it several times on this blog. Please go through other comments on this and other tourist guide license related posts on this blog and you will get your answer. For more information please visit India Tourism website.


  21. Dear Sir,

    I am good in english but little confuse what another foreign language should u go for ………tell me whats will be the scope for spanish and portuguese ……….



  22. Dear Nandan Boss,
    First of all i would like to congratulate you for your achievement..
    Actually i need of your help.. Actually i want to be an escort bt i don’t know exactly that from where could i get the certificate or how could i be an escort..
    I belong to western part of rajasthan and i know the langueges like Hindi, English and Spanish as well.. and i am really keen to give my services for that perticular..
    I had done MBA and presently i am doing Post Graduation Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management..
    Plz. do me this favor and guide me to get my ultimate destination..

    Thanks and Regards..

  23. hi… congrats 4 ur this achievement….. i read others comments too 4 guiding…. dera.. may be u cud suggest. u said process same…???? myself done..m.a (eng) but learning lan..dear cud u plz guide….how….. to be tourist guide. IITTM is n gwalior… and as far as its concern to tat course, that conduct only in gwali….is it so….?? if not thn how i apply 4 this???/ is it lucrative profession…

    i donot have idea… plz share ur views…. grateful

  24. I m studend of m.b.a also working as a tour guide in mount abu rajasthan since last 5 year nw i need a lisence ……help me i need advice

  25. Sir iam a SC candidet and i passd this exam by 70% mark jab ki sc candidet ke liye to sirf 43% marks hi jaroori hai ,
    this exam me mujhe janeral me dal diya gaya hai aur mujhe fail kar diya gaya hai mai kya kroo. pl. help me


  27. Dear sir

    I am working as a tour guide in udaipur
    I just want to know what type of question they as in guide entrance paper by iittm I know the syllabus but little confuse


  28. Hi sanjay, i am really happy that you get your license and ready to show your spark to these old people, now the guide license forms are open can you suggest me some reading material so we also can have a confidence like you. Friend we have very short time for our exam please suggest me ASAP. thank you and best of luck for your future.

  29. dear sir,I m from panna near Khajuraho. I want to be a tour guide. I dont have any experience in it but have good scence of humor, can write poems one act plays,keep good knowlegde of places and history. how can I get the license. and if I start it without license then what problems can be occurred. please please answer my question.

  30. Hi Nandan,

    This is a very nice blog. Thanks for bringing it up.

    I would like to know what is the fees for RLGTP course at IITTM ??

    I checked the website but details about the fees are not mentioned anywhere or may be I couldn’t find. Please let me know how much you paid for this course for me to have an idea.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Lav Kumar

  31. Sir
    I am having class Portuguese. I wanna be escort. basiscally I am from udaipur. can u give how to get escort license. what is processor.

  32. hi sir, can i eligible for red card north regional bcz i belong to odissa who is situated to east regional.can i fill for red card exam other regional. plz help me?

  33. I am working as an escort Italian tour guide since 2006 onwards, but I have no licence , Is there any chance for me to get it from Ernakulam?

  34. DEAR SIR,

    i am a graduate student for science field. i will want make tourist guide so sir please help me what i am do now. what do study now for tourist guide?
    can you see me way..?

  35. How can get tour guide license, I’m from pushkar city Rajasthan any information about licence?

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