Ghosts haunting the neighbors

There is a Yadav family lives next door. There are six members in the family- three girls, their parents and grandma but none of them work. Grandma is a retired nurse and gets pension and they have rented a few rooms in their house which is the source of income for them. I don’t think that their monthly earning is more than Rs. 13,000 which is kind of sufficient to survive for a family of six members in Benares if they live very simple life but this family is always in trouble because they spend most of their money on exorcists.

They believe that their whole family is affected by ghosts. The biggest problem is that grandma, who used to be a nurse at BHU, also believes that her house and family is affected by ghosts. The mother of the kids has gastric problems and she burps like crazy all the time. Her burps are extremely loud that I can hear even in my home. I am sure that she has serious problem and she gets stomach ache also all the time and sometimes she feels like her whole body is burning from inside. But the whole family says that this problem is caused by ghosts.

The sound of her burp is said to be sound of the ghosts and the stomach ache and burn inside her body is also believed to be caused by ghosts. They say that the ghosts attack her every evening and in night times. The grandma was talking about it with my father and my father advised her to take the patient to a doctor but this grandma was telling that she had already contacted several doctors but her daughter never got any relief. She was trying to say all the time that doctors are not the one who can do something, only and only exorcists can help her.

She asked my father if he knew any good exorcists but my father suggested her few doctors but she did not want to hear anything. She was telling my father that he should come and see her daughter when she is on. She was telling that her daughter starts screaming like crazy when the ghost attacks her. She said that somebody has sent the ghost to kill her daughter and her whole family and the ghost will not go away until he kills everyone.

I have also heard some strnage noise coming out of that house. I seen strange people coming to her home and doing strange pujas. A few months ago they had rapped a thread all around their house, and then I saw a big bamboo on the roof. Every evening they burn something smoke their whole house and then start coughing like hell. Smoke is done by the husband of the patient and when he does it all other members of the family go inside the rooms and don’t come out thinking that the smoke would kick the ghost out of their home and if they are seen by the ghost, the ghosts will kill them.

Sometimes I hear them shouting in the night – look he is coming, kick him out, why do you live here etc. and other family members shout go to hell, what are you doing here, who has sent you, why do you want to kill us… Its crazy. They always want to meet a new exorcist. I heard them talking with a person who was suggesting them to go to a tomb near Lucknow. This exorcist was saying that whoever have been there, got rid of their ghosts. He was telling that puja for a ghost at the tomb is not expensive, it is only Rs. 15,000 for the whole family.

Rs. 15,000 is still something and how someone can spend that much money for ghosts? I know that Hinduism believes in ghosts but at the sametime we super cheap and convenient way to get rid off them, if you don’t like them. The word “Ram” is believed to be mahamantra (huge mantra) and it is said that one can get rid off all kinds of crazy ghosts, demons, evil or any bad spirit only by repeating the name of Ram. If don’t want to believe that there are ghosts around me but if I would have do something to get rid of ghosts, I would choose this super convinient way of repeating name of Ram.

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  1. hi dear friend i am new to this site i read all text and i am firmly believe in ghost i live in varanasi i also see this kinds of things here in varanasi there is a baba who is blessed by goddes DURGA he solve this type of problems with no money cost if you really want to help them come to varanasi and mail me first i will surely help them mail me

  2. Dear Sunil,

    I also live in Varanasi and have been doing research about ghosts and people who feel that they are affected by ghost for the past few year. I don’t care if ghosts are really in existence or not but it makes me sad when I see people loosing their money and time by going to Babas. I have found in my research that a counseling with a Psychiatrist is much more effective than Babas but still I don’t say that Babas can’t be of any help. I think if we can find a real Baba then he could also be as effective as a doctor but the problem is that it is not easy to find real Babas. Most of the Babas living in the cities are just trying to make money by cheating people. You must have seen such things on our TV. Sometimes I think that why to talk through messenger, why not contact concerned person directly? If Babas help people getting rid of their ghosts through help of Gods and Goddesses, then why not take the help of the God directly. Why we try to reach the God through someone else? We are all the same and I am sure that there is no difference between a general person and a Baba for the God. I think that idea of DAVA and DUA both is much better than only DUA. What do you think? Anyways, I would love to meet that Baba. Can you please tell me something more about him? Where does he live? How can I reach him?

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