Why dogs stuck together after mating???

There are street dogs everywhere in India and seeing them mating is not uncommon at all. And seeing them being stuck together after mating is also as usual as seeing a dog on the street. I had always thought why it happened to them because it looks really painful but I never tried to find the answer for whatever reason. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me a really interesting Hindu explanation of why dogs stuck together after mating. He said the reason comes from the epic Mahabharta. As per Mahabharata it is said that Pandavas shared a common wife named Draupadi.

The reason why they shared common wife is because Arjun, one of the brothers, married  Draupadi in a swayamvar and when he returned home with his wife and other brothers they went straight to their mother Kunti. Kunti often advised her sons that they share everything they have (or obtain through Bhiksha, i.e. alms) equally amongst themselves. Upon returning home with Draupadi, on purpose, Yudhisthira addresses his mother first “Look mother, what we have brought “. Kunti, unmindful of what Yudhisthira was referring to, unassumingly asked her son to share whatever it is with his brothers. Thus, in order to obey their mother’s order all five accepted Draupadi as their wife.

Now the story begins about why dogs stuck together after mating. As per my friend in order to organize the sex, Pandavas decided that whenever somebody would enter in the room of Draupadi they would leave their sandals on the door so that other brothers know whats going on inside the room. Once one of the brothers was having sex with Draupadi and left his sandals on the door. Later a dog came and stole the sandals and went playing with it in jungle. Bheem, one of the brothers, also wanted to have sex and he approached towards Draupadi’s room and as usual he looked at the door first to see if somebody was inside and had left the sandals outside.

But since the sandals were stolen by a dog he did not see the sandals and entered in the room and found Draupadi having sex with one of his brothers. The brother who was having sex was seriously upset on Bheem and asked him why didn’t he check the sandals before entering in the room. Bheem was also upset and he was asking why didn’t he leave the sandals at the door before entering in Draupadi’s room for sex. Bheem said that he did not see any sandal on the door and they went out together but did not find the sandals. They were seriously angry on the person who did it and decided to find him.

They went to close by places looking for the sandals and the person who had stolen it and found a dog playing with it. They were so angry on the dog that they cursed him. The brother who was having sex said ” Oh dog, the reason why a person was able to see me having sex, which is a very very personal moment of somebody’s life, is only because you hence I curse you today that the whole world will see your private moment every time you have sex and since then all the dogs stuck together after mating and can’t separate until so many people have already seen them.

As per my friend, the curse is the reason why the dogs stuck. I did not believe my friend at all but since then I asked several people if they knew the reason and all of them told me the same thing. I asked them where did they read this story and none of them remembered. For whatever reason I don’t really believe that this story comes from Mahabharata but at the same time I have read so many other stories which are similar to the dog’s story. Anyways, I found the story very funny and interesting. Hindus have answer to every question and maybe this story is also the answer of dog’s pain:)

I have no intention of hurting someone’s belief or disrespecting the religion but I just shared this story because I found it really funny. I hope you enjoyed it:)

23 thoughts on “Why dogs stuck together after mating???

  1. Hmm.. I thought, you will tell the real reason in the end.. but had a good laugh though.. 🙂

  2. Your ans also 100 % correct.
    also by science when dog’s penis inside female dog’s vagina then penis erect blood comes to front of penis & penis swell ,females vagina compact and tight to penis so penis stuck inside female vagina for 10min to one hrs.

  3. Okay, so here is a much needed correction.

    It was Yudhisthira who was in the room with Draupadi and the brother who entered later was Arjun, not Bheem. As per the rules set, the violator had to go into a 12 year exile (seriously?). Once a Brahmin came calling for help as his cows were stolen by thieves. Arjun agreed to do so, but found out that his bow (Gandiva) was in the room occupied by Yudhisthir and Draupadi. Taking the risk of exile (what an adventurous dude!), he entered the room and went on to help the Brahmin guy. And these were those 12 years in which Arjun went on a nationwide solo-road trip. He did rock-climbing on Himalayas, met sages, gained siddhis (and lots of dum-maro-dum stuff I bet), sea-diving (married the Naag Kanya babe, Ulupi), chilled Manupiri style (married another hottie princess, Chitrangada), hung around with his buddy Lord Krishna and went gaga over his sister Subhadra (man!!…i love ancient times!)

    As for the that other funny story, when they found out that it was all doing of a dog (who ran away with Chappals!), Draupadi became furious as Arjun would then have to go into exile despite being innocent. It was Draupadi herself who cursed the dog.

  4. You are completely wrong. This is not the reason. As Draupadi was shared by the five brothers equally for one year.

  5. I think after reading all the stories have concluded that Draupadi was having very much soft corner towards Arjun and all Pandavas except Arjun Jealous on Draupadi.

  6. @Sunil/Nandan: Both of your stories are funny. Had a good laugh. Thanks for making me laugh guys, have been really going through a low phase. So, thanks once again. 🙂

  7. This story is just some bullshit as authentic Mahabarat clearly state she was married to Yudhistir only. A kunti said first elder brother should get married.

    Bhim married a lady who knew magic i.e witch craft Hidimba.

    But yes a good laugh though.



  9. The reason is obtainable from Veterinary professional who are correct people (if they know.) Veterinary science will have explanations.

  10. Actually, it’s a made up joke! Asking why do dogs smell each other’s ass?
    Without any offence to any religion… here goes the joke:
    Same as continued till the dogs are cursed as to the entire world would witness when the dogs have sex-
    The dogs felt ashamed and went to Draupadi to take back the curse. Draupadi realised that cursing entire race of dogs was a bad idea, wrote a letter to Brahma (The Creator) to undo the curse. The dogs were carrying the letter & were supposed to cross a flooded river.
    They didn’t want the letter to be lost while they swam across the river & thought they will roll & insert the letter into the ass of one particular dog. After they did so, all of them swam across the river & to their surprise, the water flow increased rapidly and some of the dogs couldn’t make it to the other end of the river.
    Once they reached the bank of the river, they started to check for the dog which had the letter in its ass.
    And till today, they haven’t found the dog that has the letter in its ass and they keep sniffing each dogs ass in pursuit of that letter 😂😂😂

  11. First all are not believe old stories !
    What a story five brothers fucking a women !
    All are search in Google –women fucking with dogs videos
    Penies with sperm 2 balls going inside of the female dog vaginas , mating after vaginas is slightly sinking because female not ready for fuck , after mating female catch the penies , male take some time after that inject sperm several times , sperm balls reducing size automatically coming outside.

  12. Subodh Ji,
    I never wrote this article as a Hindu story. I only wrote as a story that I get to hear a lot in my area. Notice the difference? A myth/ local story/ urban myth vs reality?

  13. Seini Ji,
    Please notice that I have written this article saying that it is true. I just mentioned a story which is popular in my area. Its the case of urban myth vs reality.

  14. Neeraj Ji,
    I know the story I have written is not true but I just wanted to mention the urban myth popular in my area. Please realize the difference.

  15. Guys don’t make jokes in hindu epics
    First Draupadi was virgin till her death
    Second she is the main wife of arjun as arjun won her in swayambar
    And last she was never partial with any of the pandavs

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