Exorcism at Harsu Baramh, Bihar

I grew up in the society where talking about ghosts, demons, spirits… is part of life. There were places where I asked not to go during certain time of the day and nights because it was believed that there were ghosts around those areas and I literally followed it. There were minimum of 10 such places only around my home. Anyways, I have became more interested in ghosts within past 10 years but my interest is in finding why people believe in ghosts and how it affects their life. I never want to miss visiting a place which is supposed to have some power of dealing with ghosts or just talk with someone who says that he is affected by ghosts or can deal with ghosts.

I have already visited so many such places and have talked with so many such people. I have been hearing about a place called Harsu Baramh for really long time which is only 70-80 KMs from Varanasi and is supposed to be the place where one can get rid of any kind of ghosts and demons. The word Harsu Baramh is made of two words- Harsu Baramah. Harsu was a bramhin guy and Baramah is a particular kind of spirit which has access to limited number of people in certain area. Baramahs don’t fly or take a train to affect the people away from their locality.

Another belief about Baramh is that it is unsatisfied or disappointed soul of a Bramhin who wants to be worshiped. The story of Harsu is that he lived in a village called Chainpur, in modern day Bihar, with his family and worked as a Bramhin. He was donated a huge house which was located right in front of the King’s palace. His home had two minarets which were in fact taller than the minarets of King’s palace which made the queen upset. She saw it as her disrespect and asked the king to do something so that minarets at her palace looks taller than the minarets at Harsu’s home.

The king also did not like that Harsu home’s minarets were taller than the minarets of his palace and he ordered his army to knock down the minarets at Harsu’s home and burn the whole house. His solders knocked down the whole building and burnt it. Harsu was on work when his house was being burnt but when he heard about it, he ran towards his home. When he reached home, he saw his family dying by being burnt alive and building completely destroyed. Harsu got so angry that he cursed the king that he would become a Baramh by killing himself and would then take the revenge.

Harsu Baramh also jumped in the same fire and killed himself. Harsu was back later in the form of Baramh and killed the king. This idea is so strong amongst the community that they recognize Harsu as the king of Baramh and now there is a shrine located in the same village where Harsu came from. People believe that if a person is affected by ghost and no one is able to help him getting rid of the ghosts then he should come to Harsu Baramh. I also decided to visit Harsu Baramh in order to learn more about the idea of ghosts and exorcism. It was a Sunday the day I visited Harsu Baramh and I was expecting to see a lot of people but shockingly there were not many people.

When I visit any regular temples or holy shrines then I try to be respectful to the people and their beliefs but don’t follow all the rules. I don’t feel comfortable making any kind of offering, whether in form of cash or food or sweets or anything, at the temples because I know that as per real religious rules these things are not important. But when I reached to Harsu Baramh, I was so nervous that I decided to go with all the rules of that particular place. I was nervous because I knew that it was not a regular temple and the people who were there believed in the ghosts more than the God himself.

Anyways, I bought some sweets to offer at the shrine in order to be completely normal visitor. I don’t know how to explain what I was feeling when approaching to the shrine but I was not feeling the way I usually am but at the same time I was so excited. I arrived at the shrine but found it black, smoky and really strange place. There was nothing going on, that place had a really empty feeling. There were a few people working as a priest and maybe 20-30 people behaving strangely. The regional idea in my locality is that when somebody is affected by ghosts they move their head in circle, women open their hair, hit their head on the ground and try to hurt themselves and we call this process in Hindi- the person is playing.

And another idea is that when someone affected by ghosts arrive at such places like Harsu Baramh then they immediately start to play. So I saw those 20-30 people playing. One of them was really funny. I saw him arriving inside the shrine premises. He looked completely normal when he arrived. He was holding a towel and went at a corner and sat their quietly. He looked at the shrine for a few minutes, folded his towel, kept it right in front of himself on the ground and started hitting his head on the ground which means he started playing.

He used the towel so that he doesn’t hurt himself. I saw another lady who was playing. She would play by shaking her head, rolling her body on the ground, making some strange noises and then look at others around her and then sit quietly. Anyways, it was very interesting to see those people but I felt so sorry for them. I was like how come someone could really hurt themselves only in the name of ghosts who are never ever been seen by any person in the whole world. I understand it very well that we get to see what we want to see and if there are people who believe in ghosts then they get to see them.

Its sad for me to see that there are people who are more concerned about invisible pain than the visible pain. Its impossible for me to imagine the mindset of such people who believe in the ghosts and kill their time, money and themselves by going to such places where they can get rid of their ghosts. The shrine at Harsu Baramh was so strange that I did not even think about taking a picture. Every place has a unique feeling but Harsu Baramh had no feeling at all. When I go to temples or other religious places I feel something there because there are a lot of people doing the same thing.

Especially when I go to any Hindu place then I find it very energetic because Hindu religion is a very loud religion and people sing chantings loudly, play drums, recite mantras together which makes the place very energetic but Harsu Baramh was a sad and strange place with complete empty feeling. Later I learnt that it was my mistake that I went to Harsu Baramh on Sunday because Thrusday is the important day for the shrine when hundreds of people come. Anyways, it was good that I got some entertainment and went on a long drive which I always enjoy. I think this journey of finding a ghost will continue for me as I have not been successful so far!!!

20 thoughts on “Exorcism at Harsu Baramh, Bihar

  1. Shri Harsu Baraham , Temple at chainpur bihar for procting from ghost & other unseen power . i know any person who not face prob of ghost & other unseen power write as articale like above written by u. i strongly say u such power exist in human life . if we found such problem then it must once we visit at Shri harsu Baraham Temple. but i say once again u visit there with respect like other hindu temple & see that people like pesent of Sh. Harsu barahm baba ,& Sh.harsu baraham baba is like doctor. & meat one person who is totaly ok after visit of harsu baraham baba temple .. i strongly belive ur thinking abouh temple of sh.harsu baba must change…

  2. Namaste Jitendra Ji,

    I strongly respect your feelings for Harsu Barahm temple. We can not see the heaven until we die first and maybe this is the case with me. I strongly believe that I am not affected by any ghosts hence I did not feel anything when I was at the temple.


  3. Sir,
    HARSU BRAMHA is very famous and holy place to control the bad sprits and any black magic on u or your family.I many times visited there but one thing upset me that no effort made to develope these area n their people.

    Poverty,dirtyness, missmanagment make very painful to visit there.


  4. Namaste Mr. Dubey,
    I was also shocked to see how terrible condition was. I saw several people taking donation from the visitors in the name of making situation better by renovating the building and organizing new services. I hope the money will be utilized some time.


  5. m nitish 22 year old, ece engineer, i am not belev at ghost, but some bad stragidy hapen with me. after doing poja of harsu baram baba ji. i am ok.
    totka, and ghost aj se 2000 saal pahle bhi tha Aur abhi bhi present hai.

  6. Hi , I am Planning to visit this place, Know it’s somewhere near varanasi, but have know idea which way to go, Would be glad if any one of you can give me some instructions how to reach there. (by bus, train)
    you may email me at nagesh.seo@gmail.com
    Nagesh Shukla

  7. Dear All,
    I would like to say I am in the blood line of Harsu Baba, the story told above true and his sons spread away from the place settled near chandauli,dhanapur etc. And the explanation/proof which Mr Nadan is expecting regarding exorcism practiced at temple of baba is nothing but person suffering from mental illness seeks refuge at the godly power for peace,cure and miracle.Although the exorcism practiced there is itself controversial, but being in the blood line of him our grandfather used to say that this temple is having magical powers to restrain or free person from the ghost etc. But there is not scientific proof/evidence regarding the same. The details heard by you regarding person you is nothing having mental sickness/phobia is better word regarding possession. Which engrosses after entering the temple premises.
    Regarding the person seeking for donation it is truly bad but it happen all over India and all the temples in different mode of way.

  8. Dear sir, I am Shankar Kumar, I want to Know the full address to visit harsu Baramh temple, I live at Patna but have know idea which way to go, Would be glad if any one of you can give me some instructions how to reach there. by train or by Bus
    Kindly email me at shankarinfo88@gmail.com or shankarinfo88@yahoo.com

  9. Dear Nandan Ji.

    The place is more famous for its extortionist pujaris/pandas than any other reason related to divinity. How come there can be a samadhi of a person who has jumped into fire? The samadhi shown at the temple is a fake one. The original samadhi of Harshu Brahm is at a place about 1 KM away from this temple. But as the original samadhi is surrounded by muslim villages they couldn’t buld a shrine there.

    What history says?

    Harshu Brahm originally known as Harshu Tiwari was the chief minister of the king Shalivahana. Harshu was quite over-confident of himself and held the view that the he is the person behind the king and kingdom’s well being. This is the reason why he had constructed his palatial house right in front of the King’s palace and deliberately constructed two minarets taller than king’s palace. This resulted in clash of egos. Raja ordered him to bring down the minarets which he refused to follow. The enraged king asked his men to demolish the minarets and they were brought down. Nobody died in this incident against what is stated by the pujaris. Harshu vowed that he would bring down Shalivahan’s rule. He went to Bakhtiyar Khilji and persuaded him to attack Shalivahan, take over the kingdom and marry latter’s beautiful sister. Khilji attacked the kingdom and killed almost all key opponents including the king. But King’s sister managed to flee to the nearby state of Bhagwanpur.

  10. , we are also heirs of harshu brahm aliyas harshu pandey. Harshu pandeys 2 sons neelkanth pandey and sheetal pandey who were alive in that incidence were migrated to chhapra saaran with ash pindi of harshu pandey alias harshu brahma . in daulatganj chhapra they established a temple of harshu baba and they started worship there. They lived here hiding their origin and identification because of the fear of that cruel king and his kingdom. Today 11th peedhi of neelkanth pandey and sheetal pandey is living in gudri bazar salapatgan daulatganjj and nabiganj in saaran district. Today more than 150 family members of neelkanth pandey and sheetal pandey are living here. They celebrates harshu brahm jayanti every year on magh shukla navami. Their kuldevta is sokha baba and bandi maiya. I am also a heir of harshu brahm alias harshu pandey. We have written geneology of our family starting from harshu pandey till date.

  11. @Dharmendra – even I’m from the same blood line. I really want to visit the shrine once in my life, however, I need someone to guide me with the right direction and time. You can search me on Facebook (name – Er Harish Pandey) or email me @ Harry.mds@gmail.com

  12. My family too has been worshipping baram baba since long. I would like to know if there is only one baba or several families can have their own ones.

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