child sponsorship in varanasi

It has been more than 7 months since we started ChanceIndia education program and I am so happy that we have almost 40 supporters and we are sending 43 poor kids to the school. When Atilla and I planned to start the program we were hoping to find hardly ten-fifteen sponsors thus we had chosen only 20 kids but Attila got great response in Hungry. He gave his interviews to radio stations, TV channels and news paper in Hungry and did several presentations about the program and got almost 30 supporters. I was not hoping for that many sponsors because we did not have anything to show but fortunately we got great response.

Twenty three come from the village area where we are working with Lok Samiti and twenty kids are here in Varanasi city.  The program is 0% management cost program hence all the money is being spent on the children only. Attila needed an assistant so we hired one guy and Attila pays his salary from his own pocket and not from the Chance India’s account. Which shows Attila’s dedication for the program. Attila and Dora both work really hard for the program and they are always looking for any opportunity to help the kids who are part of the program.

Dora goes to Mehdiganj three times a week to teach English to the kids who come from the village area. She teaches to the kids here in Varanasi also. She has three classes every week. They have hired a computer teacher also who teaches to the kids in village area. Actually Attila wanted to do it but he noticed that the kids were having problem learning with Attila because of the language barrier. I really liked the idea of publishing all the financial transaction on Chance India’s website so that there is more transparency. There are always someone working as a volunteer which gives more opportunity to the kids practicing their English and I am sure it would help them a lot. I really hope that this program would be a successful program and would help the community a lot.

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