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I have joined Italian language course. I have always wanted to learn any foreign language but there was not much opportunity for me in Varanasi as BHU and Sampoornanand Sanskrit Universitiy were the only two places in Varanasi teaching foreign languages and BHU did not allow outers and going to Sampooranand was just like waste of time. I was not so interested in Italian but I enrolled for the classes thinking that if I would wait for BHU or any other place then I would not be able to learn anything for years.

I wanted to learn German and Sampoornanand University offers 6 months diploma courses in six or seven foreign languages and German is also one of them. I had enrolled for German classes about four years ago but did not go there because they were just not running the classes properly and I was so worried about it. The other students at the university told me to not worry about it because they give certificate to each and every student whoever enrolls for the program, even if they do not pass the final exam. So finally I decided to stop going there.

This Italian language course is run by an Italian institution called Centro Risorse India. Centro Risorse India doesn’t only teach Italian to Indians but they also help Italian students in India and I work as translator at Centro Risorse India Varanasi branch. The whole course is of 50 hours, 3 hours on every weekends. The classes take place at a school near Godoulia. They have two teachers. One of them is an Indian girl from Delhi who also works for Centro Resource India, Pune center and other girl is an Italian scholar who speaks good Hindi.

There are 6 students including me. One of them is also a tour guide and works with Japanese tourists. Other one is a Hindi teacher. Our teachers are very good. They are not using that traditional method of teaching where they use only books to teach. They put us in different kinds of games, role plays and make us talk often. I don’t really know how long would it take me to start speaking or writing in Italian but it seems so hard and confusing. The pronunciation and grammar is something completely new to me. I will try my best but lets see how long does it take.

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  1. I really like the not tradition method of teaching part. When you learn a language like that you can’t even use it in real life. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

  2. Yea, I also liked it but could not continue and finally had to stop my classes because of extra work. Anyways, I look forward to their next session.

  3. Hi Nandan,

    I was looking up for foreign language courses in benaras and chanced upon your blog. i was born n bred in benaras and went to Delhi after completing my schooling. Lived there for five i am back with a degree in psychology and post-graduate diploma in travel n tourism alongwith work experience in a publishing house. honestly, i can’t figure out what to do here. not that i am entirely sure of what i want to do in life altogether. i am not asking you to play a counsellor…it would be a great help if you can give me the institute’s number. or if there’s anyway i can collaborate with you. let me know. reply…:)

  4. Sana,

    Sorry for delay in replying. Actually I was traveling when you wrote me. You can contact Centro Risorse at Just write them. If they don’t respond you then let me know and I will give you the manager’s mobile no. What are you doing nowadays, working or not?

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