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Finally the tour guide exam result is declared and I passed it. The exam was held on the 26th of August, 2007 and result was declared on 7th of November, 2008, after more than a year. Government had a hard time during this one year. They were sued four times by applicants on various reasons but finally everything is settled now. More than 50,000 applicants had applied but only 300 passed it and I got 223rd rank.

There was one very interesting thing about the result – only eight girls passed the exam. There could be two reasons behind it- either parents still don’t want their daughters to work out of the city or girls feel unsecure having this kind of job. Indian girls in small cities are highly qualified. Usually they continue their studies until they get married and usually they read history or some language which could be best for this profession. There is big demand for girl tour guides but…

Now I will go for a sixteen week training period where they will teach me about Indian history and monuments in North India. There will be fourteen weeks of classes and two weeks of touring at various monuments in North India with a professor. After completing the classes and tour they will organize another exam and the students who pass the exam will go through an interview. After passing interview tour guide license will be issued.

New tour guides are part of the preparation for the Commonwealth Games which are in 2010 so it seems like the Government will not delay starting the training, but who knows, maybe another case because after all it is the Government of India, so anything is possible. I am so excited to go for training so that I can get my license as soon as possible and start working.

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  1. Sounds Great. This is the first time I’m coming to know of such an exam by the government of the country I’m from. And, its very nice to read your blog.

    I’m backpacking in Madhya Pradesh for the next ten days and bumped into your blog while searching for what to do in Gwalior. Walking the five kms had a great bearing on me and I’m going to walk more in the places I’m visiting. Thanks!

  2. hi,congratulations. I read all your blogs and they look good.

    could you tell me when will the next guide exam is gonna be ? i am from delhi and wanted to go for the exam but cant seam to get much info about it. You think you can help in this?
    Thanks !

  3. Sunny,

    Ministry of Tourism organizes tour guide exam. At present they are preparing for Commonwealth Games, and that is why they have been issuing license every year since the past three years. This year’s last date for submission of form was some time in September or October. I think they will organize the exam next year as well because we still don’t have enough professional guides.
    This exam and training both are conducted by IITTM (Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management ( This Institute is authorized by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India to conduct the tour guide exam. Keep looking their website. They put all the information on their website. They advertise about the exam in all the leading newspapers also.
    Need any other help?

  4. nandan,

    Thanks, i think you have provided me enough information and i will look out for the website.Anyways good luck with your blogs and work.

  5. hi nandan

    i forgot to ask one last question, can you tell is it possible for me to be a tour guide in delhi without having any license.The reason i asked you this is because if the exam is next year or say after few months ,then i dont want to waste my time sitting home instead i would like to go out and earn as a tour guide and get some experience.I am good in history and did my graduation in history,anyways thanks in advance for answering this.

  6. I think you can start working as an escort. Escorts have better knowledge than tour guides and this is the only reason why they are hired. They stay with their clients for the whole tour, not only Delhi. Usually travel agencies provide a guide to escorts at all the ASI (Astrological Survey of India) monuments to protect them. These guides are supposed to be quiet and let the escort work.
    It is easier for foreign language (other than English) speaking guys to get a job as an escort. I don’t think it will be hard to find a job as an escort for anyone who speaks any foreign language. Do you speak any foreign language?

  7. Nandan i can only speak english and hindi.Thanks for the information about escorts but could you explain the difference between a guide and escort,since i only know about guides and what are the qualifications needed for both.

  8. i am completing my grad from travel and tourism but not learnt forieng language can i apply in guide traning in iittm in 2009

  9. Hi Nandan, great to know that you made it through. Are you delhi based, if so we can meet up.My number is 9810204010 and I live in mayur vihar. Apart being friends with u I would like to know how to prepare for the exam. I am already in tourism and I hire guides for my requirements frequently. Lets meet up

  10. Hey Rahul, Hope you are having good time. I am not Delhi based, I live in Varanasi but I do come to Delhi often. Maybe we can meet when I am in Delhi?? I will suggest you to buy the CBSE History books (Class 6th-12th) and read it. I think this will be enough. And yea, prepare for GK as well. There are several books available in the market for GK. I am not sure what the exams will be like next time but it was kind of easy my time. Anything else?

  11. Hello nandan,

    I have seen ur messages. And now i need to ask one very important question. i have an exam with in 20 days for Northern Region Guide. Could you let me know what kind of question they will ask and how can i prepare myself in this short period.
    I’m waiting for ur reply.
    Take care.

  12. Mohit,

    Use NCERT books of class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th for preparation of History and use any book you want for preparation of general knowledge. Many people recommend Manorama year book to prepare for general knowledge.

    Good Luck

  13. Dear Nandan,
    Thanks for this initiative. I speak French language .i wanted to work as a Tour Guide. the above information is very useful.

  14. Tufail,

    Thanks for writing. I have heard that next exams will be soon. Prepare for yourself for it. Good Luck!

  15. hey nandan,

    i have been working as a tour guide and escort. but its really difficult for a English guide or escort to get an assignment, as compare to foreign language expert. so i would like to know any good company which often hire English tour escorts or guide and get access to work in through out year.

  16. Nitesh,

    All the English speaking guides and escorts have same problems as you, they don’t have enough work. I will suggest you to develop your own blog or website and try to get direct clients. Keep working with the travel agencies but I will definitely suggest you to create your online profile. I am sure this will help you, if not in a few months then someday for sure.

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