India-America nuclear deal

Its a big news here about India-America nuclear deal. I dont know exactly about this deal but we often hear about it in media. I wanted to learn about how nuclear power works and it was best opportunity for me to learn with Stephan who was a electric engineer from Switzerland and was staying at my guest house. He said that Switzerland has nuclear power stations which produce huge waste but there is no way to get rid of this waste completely. Switzerland either dig the montains and fill it with waste or throw it in the ocean which sounds terrible.

Indian government is trying hard to get uranium from America to built nuclear power stations in India. Indian government had to face huge problems when they brought this idea of making a deal with America to get uranium. Their supporting parties took support back and the government was about to fall. They had to prove their majority again in parliament. Finally they were able to do it but if this deal is just about polluting our natural resources then we should not think about it. Definately we will have more power which we are in need of but there are other ways also to generate elecricity. We have already destroyed our rivers, jungles, trees, animals and other natural resources and now it sounds like turn of ocean and mountains.

The supporting parties of congress took their support back because they wanted to know about this deal and congress was not agree to tell them everything about it. So it is very much hided that very few people know about it. I tried to look online about it but there was not enough information. I have heard that this deal is about getting uranium from American and let them interfere in our nuclear programs? I am not sure. I dont know what our government wants.

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