End of life – Sadhus and Sanyasis

According to Hindu Mythology there should be four parts of life, called as Ashrams. The four ashrams are- Vidyarthi, Grihastha, Vanprasth, and Sanyasa. Vidyarthi ashram is the students life which ends after age of 25. People can still be student after Vidyarthi ashram, but they should get married after 25. Grihastha ashram starts 26 and ends at the age of 50. During this period people should get married and have a family. Vanprastha is life between 50 and 75. This is the time when people are supposed to prepare themselves for Sanyasa.

During Vanprastha time people are supposed to get rid of their responsibilities like get their daughters married, help their son to become self dependent. During the same period people should prepare themselves for Sanyasa by start meditating, and doing rituals. Sanyasa start at the age of 76 and lasts until a person dies. People have to perform certain rituals to enter in Sanyasa life. Sanyasis never stay at home. There are monasteries in every Indian city where they can live for free of cast.

Sadhus at the river Ganga

After entering in Sanyasa life people are called Sanyasi. People have to perform a lot o rituals be become Sanyasi. The most important one is to get rid of their body. They stand nude in the river and read some mantras, and by doing this they get rid of their body. They perform all the sacrament that is done after a person does during their lives time. So even though they are alive but their Terahi is done. This is the reason why body of Sanyasis are never cremated, their bodies are always drowned in the river.

After performing this sacrament, they don’t consider themselves as part of the earth, and become Sanyasi. Sanyasa is a very tough life. They are supposed to follow a lot of strict rules of Sanyasa. Few of the rules are- they are not allow to deal with money, they are not allowed to deal with fire, they are not allowed to cook the food, they always have to beg, they have to repeat name of lord Ram for twenty-one thousand times everyday, they are not allowed to eat any food that has a taste etc….

They always beg for food, and wash the food before eating it so that they can get rid of the taste. They always wear a orange dress because orange is the color of Hinduism. Sanyasis who are Bramhan by caste carry a stick all the time with them. They get this stick when they enter in Sanyasa life, and this stick is drowned with their body when they die. No other caste than Bramhans get this stick. This stick is very important for Sanyasis. It is also rapped with orange color cloth.

Usually Sanyasis live in monasteries with other Sanyasis. They spend most of their time just repeating the name of lord Ram. Sometimes their famiily also visits them, but usually they spend their time alone. I have talked to many many Sanyasis while working with researchers, and everything that they told me was surprising for me. Everybody was so happy to say that they were waiting for their death. They say that they repeat the name of lord Ram and tell him to give them death as soon as possible.

Once I was talking to a 70 years old woman who had been living in a monastery for the last 30 years just waiting for the death. This was the first time when I was talking to a female Sanyasi. She said that females don’t go through all the rituals that are done for males. They just leave the family, dress like Sanyain and start living in the monasteries like Sanyasin.They also follow all the same rules as males do. They live in the same monasteries but all the monasteries have a separate section for females.

The woman I was talking to was not a Sanyain. She came to Beanres 30 years ago with her husband. Her husband had TB, which was kind of untreated disease about 30 years ago. When he got TB, he decided to come Varanasi and live last part of his life. A lot of monasteries have a separate section for family people. So if someone who does not want to become a Sanyasi can also live in the monastery by giving a certain amount which covers their room rent until they die.

Her husband died after living for 3 years. But she was still in the same monastery just repeating the name of lord Ram, and praying him to give death. She said that her family visits her once in a year for one week. I was kind of not comfortable asking someone about their death, but she was so happy to answer all the questions. She said she came to Varanasi to die and it will be happiest moment of her life when she gets it. When we asked her about was she sad when her husband died, and she said that she was so happy because her husband got was he was looking for only within 3 years.

We talked to a male Sadhu also who was about 70 years old, and had taken Sanyasa when he was only 35. He took Sanyasa because his parents died early, and he was cheated by his brothers. So he was sad and decided to become Sanyasi. The women we talked to seemed so healthy and it didnt look like she was going to die soon, but this male Sanyasi was really sick and maybe would die soon. He was also so happy to talk about his death. I wonder how someone could be happy talking about their death.

We met one Sanyasi who took Sanyasa to escape from the police. He had murdered at least 10 people and when administration ordered police to kill him, he left his village, came to Varanasi and became Sanyasi. He had been living in Varanasi as Sanyasi for the past 15 years. He family often visits him, give him money and he had kind of family life. He had sweets which he gave us. I am sure he had lots of money. He also admitted that he never wanted to become a Sanyasi, but the police compelled him to become a Sanyasi.

So I met a lot of different kind of people who had accepted Sanyasa. Most of them were just waiting for death and wanted to die as soon as possible. They say that God don’t give death if you have done sin in your lifetime. So being alive as a Sanyasi was a kind of punishment for them. Hinduism says that family life is the best life, better than Sanyasa. I think we have an very famous idea of Sanyasa, and when people feel lonely like after their wives death they want to become Sanyasi or some people just want to die living as a Sanyasi so that their soul could get liberated.

The number of Sanyasis have decreased a lot in recent past years. But Varanasi has still a lot of Sanyasis. Usually people leave their home town and go to other cities to live, but Varanasi is the only place on the planet where people come to die.

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  1. I want to be a Rishi Scientist. How can I be one? please advice. A small advice would be very very thankful. And I am 16.

  2. m 26 year old girl unmrried… at my home my dad n my whole family mentally torture me… my dad beeaten me badly many times… we are two sisters i’m the younger one… elder sis is married… now its my number but i don’t want to get married… because i don’t have a single good example of any married couple in front of me… including my mom and dad… my fatherhe abuses my mother he drinks alcohal he beats me and my mother… he always says i will kill u… m very afraid… now i hav my personal opinion regarding male genders… i believe that marriage is the end of life because we girls give our whole life to such person who is always torturing us… my father my whole family doesn’t likes me…i hav a joint family my aunty uncle has attempted black magic also on me three times… i tried to attempt sucide also but was not successfull… please sir,help me out… please sir, i want to be sanysi

  3. I m 26 year old I want to join aashram ang going to sanyaas. I m unhappy in life….and I belived in god only

  4. Sir mujhe sanyasi se fir se brahamin jiwan jina hai!! Me sanyasi hu lekin mujhe sanyasi se fir se brahamin banna hai
    Plzzz reply meeee

  5. Sir I am served in maharashtra police department but I not interests in my life I am very restless from my life no any wishes only god and dhyan chintan a god and silent and relax life for this world. I am disturb and no wish for life continues this situation plz join me and save my life. I want mind I suside no struggle no wife no anymore plz help me I wish is sannyasi life is very better from this world.

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  7. Mera naam Sonali h.. Mujhe sanyas lena h or mai 25 year ke hu. Meri Life mein itna kuch ho gya h ke mujhe sirf ek he rasta dekhna h.. Ek yhi rasta jisse mujhe kisi ko kuch bhi prove krne ke jrurt nhi h.. Pls mujhe help ko sanyas le ke…

  8. After reading the article and all the comments…..I feel very sad. The thing which is missing from peoples life is LOVE. I noticed that people who cannot find love….are willing to give up everything and become sanyasi. True love can only come from our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is LOVE. His love is everlasting…..He will not forsake His children.

  9. Hi,

    I am 27 year old…In life, We have attached to every responsibility , relationship for which we have to do things that we don’t want. We just pretend to do all this. But In the inner side , we want peace . My family want me to marry but i don’t thing i should do that..i like my self..my god. I want to know god, his lilas , feel his spiritual power.
    Things are not always as we expected. Out blood relatives would start hating us when we not act as they want. It’s ok ,but what they want always we cannot do. Its tend us for thing about our-self. If we not live as they want then I should suicide. End My life for god. or give my life to god.

    I will very happy to take sanyyas live every expectation behind and every attachment behind. Love My GOD.

    I love U GOD..M soon coming


  10. Now a days sansai is not a common. Job its not living ur life with ur family members. Sansai is a word belive the god know much more about the god in sanyasi also threre r lot problems u know

  11. Na Peru anusha ma Perents Na 14 years ki chanipoyaru Na brathukantha Nenu kastapadi job chesukuni brathukuthunna naa katnamga unchina maa nayanamma illu màa akka Bava dobbesi nannu mosam chesaru. aina Nenu job oka flat konnanu pelli chesukundhamnukuñna kaani màa intlo akka Bava 38 years age iddaru pillalu unnavdini,other cast vadini ma ammagarundunte manchi sambhandham illammi çhala baga chesundevaru kaani veellu naa thagalapeduhunnarani anduke naaku nenuga oka abbaini chusi chusi select chesukuni test petta annitilo passayyadu akariki naa pellayyaka delivery time puttintikellakunda athantilo undachu neeku Perents Peru kada ani pelli set ayye timelo abbai age 22ani batata padindhi Anthe chesukuni peddalu cheppina maatalu petri sampradhayanni manta kalapaleka ala vere pelli chesukoleka Ila sanyasamlo kalasipovslnukuntunna poye mundhu naa plat ammi anadhashrmalo Leda job needlo unna poor familiki help chesi sanyasam thisukunta,vache janma unte Amma nanna undi addamaina valla chethilo mosapokunda baga chaduvukoni lifantha ma Amma nanna tho inka ayithe ippudunna abbai kante venuka putti çhala sampradayakanga pelli chesukuni set ayithe chàlu .indhulo naa thappunte nannu kshaminchu devuda Malli janmalo kuda Ila anadhanu cheyyaku by andhariki naa namaskaralu e adapilla jeevitham naala kakudadhu

  12. Sanyas is a fantastic option ..but its need courage and proper knowledge of ..who am i and who is god..what is karma .how its affect my virtues in life…
    sanyasis are those who want to detached from every karmic accounts. but thats not at all possible…coz eating …sleeping….thinking …these karmas they have to do..even my grandfather took sanyas in the age of 56…live upto 87…..tried best to leave relationships from everybody…but that should not be aim of a human ..he has to do something good for the society by changing himself..otherwise what the result..Om

  13. I am living in pune and i am 17 years old studing 12th science. I am happy with my life. I have seen, nothing in this world is permanent. This impermanence brings sorrow i.e. dukha in life. We always desire for something which brings dukha tu us. Everywhere there is duality. So i want to know the thruth behind life. I want mukti. For mukti there is only that i can see is sanyas. By practicing meditation and yoga i can control my mind. As it is said in bhagvad geeta 6.7 “the one who has conquered his mind, who has attained tranquility by such control has already reached parmattma. To such a man happiness and distress,heat and cold, honour and dishonour are all same.” So i want to reach a stage where anger, anxiety, happiness, sorrow, honour , dishonour,ect cannot affect me i.e. I want to become mukta from all the the above things. I want ro reach a stage where desire, lust, fame cannot control me. For this i have to leave my home and take sanyas. For learning meditation I need a guru who can teach me deep meditation for controlling my senses and mind. So my question is where can I find a guru who is experienced in these things , who teaches meditation and yoga and has ashram of himself, not interested in money and teaches other sanyasis.? Please sir guide me in the path of sanyas. Waiting for your reply ….

  14. Hi,
    I am 25 years old marrid and hav e a kid. I saw 2 unexpectd death of my uncle and dad. After that am feeling life is nothing. I have come here one or the other day have to go back so before going i want to help people who are really in need of help like orphans, physically challenged, old aged people. I think am already done with my life so am thinking to take up sanyasam and work for them who are in need of help. I don’t have any other dreams. So assist me. I dont want to waste y life doing nothing.

  15. I am chandana 22 years. I get married also. Now I’m 8months pregnant. From last one year I dnt have peace,happiness,my all dreams are gone.I attempted suicide also,pls I dnt want to be a lively.everyday I praying God because of my death to get moksha.I dnt want to born again in this world.Now I dnt have any dreams in my life.pls pls pls iam begging you to guide me to become a sannyasini.this is my Humble request.pls reply me as soon as possible.I am waiting for your reply.

  16. om,
    i wanted to know why people come to world and have relationships like father mother wife husband children and why people feel happiness and sorrow and where does god lives and which form the god looks like where will i get my answers when will i get my answers and i wanted to see hell why people go to hell what they will do and why don’t people remember there past life.

  17. Please I really need …….I want to get moksh..I want to go away from this people…..I need only god ….So pls help me……if there any sadguru’s pls inform their address……pls pls pls

  18. Hi I am Shwetha leaving in bangalore.
    I am married woman and m not finding any peace in anything.and I am handicap not completely in hear in and communication.

    I just want to drop everything and want to be sanyasam.

    can you please help me

  19. We can go for sanyas but complete our all the responsibility .otherwise you can go for sanyas from 5 to 6 year age.

  20. Hiii my name is Rukmani and my age 22years and I want to take sanyas becous my life not good mai apne home me rahna nahi chahti plzz help me and I am not married Plz urgent reply me

  21. I want moksha I want join in sanyasi life and I love meditation but this busy life I can’t able to get the time please suggest any nice and secure place that can join ashram

  22. I want to take sanyaas coz my life is like hell .there are so many problems in my life .

  23. I am 58 Years old.Married two children,one male one female .Female married,Both are educated engineers and working.I Want to be a Sanyasi,but dont want to beg for fooding.
    yes i can serve any work.I am also an Engineer.

    Want to leave all Sansarik Jeevan Shaily only spend my rest life as Sanyasi.

    Plz.help how i will successed.

    Even planning to die.

    Thanks andhoping proper guidance

  24. I need peace of mind. I have done many sin. I want to get over of it. I am in guilt. I need peace. I don’t want to kill myself and do another sin. Kindly help me to get some peace.

  25. I am 23years I am not happy with my family an not wit my marriage life I struggled alot in my both a life I tried alot to solve my problems but now I can’t do anything becoz my all efforts becomes useless now I want to get sanyas becoz when compare to this life I feel sanyasi life is better so plz help me to get sanyas an plz guide me wat is the procedure to get sanyasam

  26. जब मेरा अंतीम लक्ष्य मोकक्ष है तो मैं उसी के राह पर अपना सेश जीवन जीना चाहता हूँ और मोक्ष को प्राप्त करना चाहता हूँ।मोह माया मे पड़ कर अपना जीवन व्यर्थ मे नही गवान चाहता हूँ। please help me for taking snyasa. My self Ramesh and I’m 26 year old.

  27. I am 20 years old and I want to take sanyasam,I want peace of Mind which is missing in my life, I dinot have belief in anything and anyone ,I want to go to such peaceful environment and spend my rest of life.can anyone suggest me please.

  28. I am 20 years old and I want to take sanyasam,I want peace of Mind which is missing in my life, I didnot have belief in anything and anyone ,I want to go to such peaceful environment and spend my rest of life.can anyone suggest me please.

  29. I want to join with u I want some piece of mind so plz help me how to approach you plz sir/ madam

  30. Hi All,
    I was a rich man 20 years back. My world crumbled due to differences with my brother. I thought I would overcome all sufferings, and that I would rebuild my business again. But I am suffering on all accounts. I have failed in my life, and I am staying away from every body. My only aim is to spend the rest of my life with peace. I am 59 years now. I have done enough experiments with my life. Now I don’t want money. I want to give some useful services to the needy. I have joined a few business organizations, and helped them succeed. But I am not getting pleasure in such activities. I am sensitive, and want to live my own life. I was a motivational speaker, an AIR News Reader in the past. I have contributed my writings to a lot of magazines. Now I am tired as I can not fight any more. I am humble than ever before. I have been practicing Yoga and involved in lot of spiritual learning.

    Now I feel lonely and need to join a community with a spiritual cause.
    I will be happy if I can serve a particular community of people, deprived children, downtrodden. I want to join a group, an Ashram, an organization who can utilize my services fruitfully . I need honest, genuine people or organization to contact me.


  31. For the past year I have been getting the urge to leave my home and renounce. It is possible that my frustrations are making me feel that way. What should I do?

    The person who truly wants to leave home does not ask anyone’s permission, just as the person who wants to commit suicide does not ask anyone. The urge to renounce does not arise twice. It comes only once and it comes with such intensity that one cannot think of anything else. This feeling encompasses everything. Many people used to ask me, “Swamiji, shall I take sannyasa or not?” My answer was, “No, you should not.” There were others who would come and say, “Swamiji, please accept me as your disciple.” I would say, “Okay, come on the eleventh and have your head shaved.” The day the attitude of sannyasa develops in you, you will walk out of the life you are in.
    In today’s stressful life, how can we lead the life of a sannyasin in the role of a householder?

    First of all you must understand that life has been the same down the ages, in Satya yuga, in Treta yuga and now in Kali yuga. Suffering is not unique to this age. Lord Buddha explored all the means to find a solution to the problem of suffering. He himself found peace and happiness, but he could not make others happy. All great souls have pointed out the way to attain happiness and hope, but others have not been able to follow the path.

  32. I got married but I am not happy in my married life I hate her Bec she were Foch me after married and no family support so I want to become a sanyasi plz guide me

  33. one thing i have understood after reading above replies… that if your destination is to take sanyas… each and everything in this universe will take you that.. and one day you will find youself in sanyas… i wish I will get that privilage. To take sanyas is not aim it is prime decision toward your life.

  34. Sir, I am aged 68 years. working in a private audit firm in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am getting Rs.17,000 from this audit firm per month. My family comprise of my wife and only son aged 22 years, working and doing his MBA in Chennai. In my earlier part of my life, I lost 2 younger brothers at the earning stage. Now I have 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister both are married and have children. My only younger brother has been suffering from post cured tb daily. His married family members do not take care of him. My son has multi talented person. He is not paying much attention on his studies. He has come up with the skill in playing violin up to a concert level. Now he stopped and not paying attention to his Violin also. I do not have any movable or immovable assets. Living with my monthly salary earning. At times I do earn get part time meagre income. I have computer knowledge, tally, on-line statutory e-filing, computer data entry in English, Tamil and Hindi and do office administration in this audit firm. Always I have a feeling not being achieved on anything – simply eating and working here in Chennai. All the relatives are with money minded/fame/status in every moment of life.

    I would like to live in Varanasi by working there alone till my last breath to die in Varanasi only. Any broadminded person can help me to get a job over there in Varanasi with free accommodation to assist him/or in his profession or business with the my best of knowledge and devotion, so that I do send money to my family by taking care of myself in Varanasi alone. I am ready to do service wherever it is available. But I do not have any source of income to re-locate myself in Varanasi to live and to do free service unless I get a job over there.

  35. I want to become an sanyasi. As im getting mental troucher with my family about my marriage. I’m still pursuing my MCA 2nd year. I want to study well and get a good job. But I don’t want to marry…. I I’m just want to complete my studies and become an sanyasi. I want to dedicate my life to social service. Please help me out….

  36. Main moh Maya chhorna chahta hu. Or ak sanyasi rasta apnana chahta hu. Plz reply me
    Kyoki me Abhi teyari kr rha hu. Sadhu se but mill nhi rhe h

  37. I want to become a sanyasi I am 54 years old I am totaly colapsed in my married life no peace in my life….urgent

  38. I want to became a sanyasini . I don’t want to live this world Plz help me . Wr I will do sanyasam

  39. I read almost all the comments above and found that the most of them are frustrated and depress in their life. Frustration and depression leads to suicide. Instead of doing suicide i advice them to become sanyasi and serve the mankind.

  40. I have to join with u people I don’t like this kind of life I need to help people or society so I need to join u people

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