End of life – Sadhus and Sanyasis

According to Hindu Mythology there should be four parts of life, called as Ashrams. The four ashrams are- Vidyarthi, Grihastha, Vanprasth, and Sanyasa. Vidyarthi ashram is the students life which ends after age of 25. People can still be student after Vidyarthi ashram, but they should get married after 25. Grihastha ashram starts 26 and ends at the age of 50. During this period people should get married and have a family. Vanprastha is life between 50 and 75. This is the time when people are supposed to prepare themselves for Sanyasa.

During Vanprastha time people are supposed to get rid of their responsibilities like get their daughters married, help their son to become self dependent. During the same period people should prepare themselves for Sanyasa by start meditating, and doing rituals. Sanyasa start at the age of 76 and lasts until a person dies. People have to perform certain rituals to enter in Sanyasa life. Sanyasis never stay at home. There are monasteries in every Indian city where they can live for free of cast.

Sadhus at the river Ganga

After entering in Sanyasa life people are called Sanyasi. People have to perform a lot o rituals be become Sanyasi. The most important one is to get rid of their body. They stand nude in the river and read some mantras, and by doing this they get rid of their body. They perform all the sacrament that is done after a person does during their lives time. So even though they are alive but their Terahi is done. This is the reason why body of Sanyasis are never cremated, their bodies are always drowned in the river.

After performing this sacrament, they don’t consider themselves as part of the earth, and become Sanyasi. Sanyasa is a very tough life. They are supposed to follow a lot of strict rules of Sanyasa. Few of the rules are- they are not allow to deal with money, they are not allowed to deal with fire, they are not allowed to cook the food, they always have to beg, they have to repeat name of lord Ram for twenty-one thousand times everyday, they are not allowed to eat any food that has a taste etc….

They always beg for food, and wash the food before eating it so that they can get rid of the taste. They always wear a orange dress because orange is the color of Hinduism. Sanyasis who are Bramhan by caste carry a stick all the time with them. They get this stick when they enter in Sanyasa life, and this stick is drowned with their body when they die. No other caste than Bramhans get this stick. This stick is very important for Sanyasis. It is also rapped with orange color cloth.

Usually Sanyasis live in monasteries with other Sanyasis. They spend most of their time just repeating the name of lord Ram. Sometimes their famiily also visits them, but usually they spend their time alone. I have talked to many many Sanyasis while working with researchers, and everything that they told me was surprising for me. Everybody was so happy to say that they were waiting for their death. They say that they repeat the name of lord Ram and tell him to give them death as soon as possible.

Once I was talking to a 70 years old woman who had been living in a monastery for the last 30 years just waiting for the death. This was the first time when I was talking to a female Sanyasi. She said that females don’t go through all the rituals that are done for males. They just leave the family, dress like Sanyain and start living in the monasteries like Sanyasin.They also follow all the same rules as males do. They live in the same monasteries but all the monasteries have a separate section for females.

The woman I was talking to was not a Sanyain. She came to Beanres 30 years ago with her husband. Her husband had TB, which was kind of untreated disease about 30 years ago. When he got TB, he decided to come Varanasi and live last part of his life. A lot of monasteries have a separate section for family people. So if someone who does not want to become a Sanyasi can also live in the monastery by giving a certain amount which covers their room rent until they die.

Her husband died after living for 3 years. But she was still in the same monastery just repeating the name of lord Ram, and praying him to give death. She said that her family visits her once in a year for one week. I was kind of not comfortable asking someone about their death, but she was so happy to answer all the questions. She said she came to Varanasi to die and it will be happiest moment of her life when she gets it. When we asked her about was she sad when her husband died, and she said that she was so happy because her husband got was he was looking for only within 3 years.

We talked to a male Sadhu also who was about 70 years old, and had taken Sanyasa when he was only 35. He took Sanyasa because his parents died early, and he was cheated by his brothers. So he was sad and decided to become Sanyasi. The women we talked to seemed so healthy and it didnt look like she was going to die soon, but this male Sanyasi was really sick and maybe would die soon. He was also so happy to talk about his death. I wonder how someone could be happy talking about their death.

We met one Sanyasi who took Sanyasa to escape from the police. He had murdered at least 10 people and when administration ordered police to kill him, he left his village, came to Varanasi and became Sanyasi. He had been living in Varanasi as Sanyasi for the past 15 years. He family often visits him, give him money and he had kind of family life. He had sweets which he gave us. I am sure he had lots of money. He also admitted that he never wanted to become a Sanyasi, but the police compelled him to become a Sanyasi.

So I met a lot of different kind of people who had accepted Sanyasa. Most of them were just waiting for death and wanted to die as soon as possible. They say that God don’t give death if you have done sin in your lifetime. So being alive as a Sanyasi was a kind of punishment for them. Hinduism says that family life is the best life, better than Sanyasa. I think we have an very famous idea of Sanyasa, and when people feel lonely like after their wives death they want to become Sanyasi or some people just want to die living as a Sanyasi so that their soul could get liberated.

The number of Sanyasis have decreased a lot in recent past years. But Varanasi has still a lot of Sanyasis. Usually people leave their home town and go to other cities to live, but Varanasi is the only place on the planet where people come to die.

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  1. sai ram….
    i want to take sanyasi…because i m fed up with life…….no body likes me…. i m waste…. i m alone in this world no bro and sis…. no body understands me…… i m in critical situation….. i attempted sucide also…… even god also not like me………..

  2. I want to join in sanayasam ….I am 29 years old got married … I hav not taken this decision in hurry. How can I approach…?

  3. I AM WANT BECOME SANYASI TO COZ LIFE IS SO BAD NO LOVE NO MONEY I NEED TO LEFT WORLD SOME ONE HELP PLS {jai200563@yahoo.com } is my fb pls help me i am so sad person

  4. For all future readers,

    You cannot become a ‘Sanyasi’ just by thinking you can be one. Why don’t you think that ‘Sanyasi’ is also a job too. Just like not all people are eligible to become a ‘Police’, not all are eligible for this. Most of them are just looking to leave all their responsibilities and looking for free life. Remember there is competition in this role too and you cant wake up one night in the middle and take this route. In your life, you will see series of events and you will hear the true voice which you never heard before and that day you will not crave for anything and your path will directly lead to something which you will wont be able to express.. People talk about it and you listen and they name you as ‘Sanyasi’ – you really don’t even care at that point “what are you being called or named”.. Good Luck..

  5. Hi friends….

    I have seen many of u guys wanted to get to sanyasi … but real reason being problems ur facing…. as same as u all are even myself facing lot many problems from age of 22.. I fnshd my studies and got job and faced many problems like family problems , job problems and business problems but even though due to all the problems to my enlightenment I’m doing dairy bussiness since 3yrs … I’m 29right now.. even I’m facing loss in dairy business… I’m going forward instead which I waneed to become sanyasi at 22… so as a hope for life I wish u all at the young age(17 to 25) .. leave behind all ur problems ur facing and try to look for a good life instead of sanyasi feel… As a request u all try to do something other or helping other people and it will make u all to god.

  6. Respected sir,I am 36 years old deaf women.I became deaf after marriage.I have 2 kids.Now my husband leave me because of another women.What should i do now?How can i make money?i will never gone outside from 14 years.Should i take sanyas?plz give me advice

  7. I am 47 yrs. Old married man. I have wife & 2 children.
    I wish to become sanyani. Please guide me.

  8. I am 25 year old. .. got irritation

    about married live so want to go for sanyasini…..

  9. Dear all,

    It is very surprising to read most of your comments. I assume you have not understood the concept of sanyas properly. 90% of you want to take sanyas because of emotional reasons…. Sanyas is just not about waiting for death…. It is waiting for moksh… Requesting all mighty to get u rid of the vivacious cycle of life and death…. It is about overcoming these emotions you all are facing… If u have these emotions u r very much a normal human and can not every be a sanyasi…. And let me tell you if u r really made for a sanyas jeevan…. “DONT SEARCH IT OR RUN AFTER IT… IT WILL ITSELF SEARCH U AND TAKE U TO UR DESTINATION” wait for that time… My humble suggestion is just live your life and try to find the real reason why u have a life and why are u born…. Not everyone is born to be a sanyasi… Only those who are born to be liberated and attain moksh can end up being REAL SANYASIS.

    P.S. : dear author a very nice write up…

  10. I am monika 22 years old i want to become sanyasi please some one help me

  11. i wanna die…..i dont want to live in this world.,…….can i take sanyas at the age of 18 or can i become pujari???

  12. i am a doctor i want to become a sanayasi so plz advise me haw can i do it

  13. I want to take saniyasi ….because I take wrong decision in my life. .Now never give up.. .so saniyasi is good for my life I am alone in this life …
    No body understand me. I attempted sucide but god also not understand me so I want to talk with god and take may answers for my unhappy life so I want to take saniyasi so please advise me how can I do it.

  14. pls…. someone help me want to become sanyasi or want to die married two kid

  15. dear sir; regards to you all. i wish to become sanyasi; i am not married; i am leading my life without happiness fear for future job and no one loves me they just want materialistic things from me i have no keen relatives who ate keen for my problems solutions: ok this is my fruit of karma inpast may be; now can any one help me out to become sanyasi forsadhana pls help
    pls shirish

  16. I want to take sanyas. I can’t find meaning of this life. I don’t find interest in anything.
    I would like to join if anyone here have decided to become sanyasi/sadhu
    Please help me.

  17. I think one must finish the karma and then take sanyas because god will not like it if we run a way from what test we have been given , doing our karma helps us to was away our sins faster than being a sanyasi.because we siffer not only because of us beca on said:

    I think one must finish ones karma.if we dont and run away then that wont be proper.gods like people who do their test properly not run away.one suffers more as a nonsanyasi because not only one has go through suffering but see others suffering .andthat person gets mukthi quick er than a sanyasi.

  18. I do not believe in this article. informations are wrong. I agree partially with Aparajita, however her last statement saying good write up makes me to think further.

    Lot of people said want to take Sanyas, but reasons does not make sense. Like kid will not eat food when he/she gets angry with mother. First of all, why do you want to take Sanyas? just to be free from tensions (your mind currently feels in this world) or attain moksha? if it first one, go back home and watch how all problems going away. if it is second one, i.e. attain moksha… is this only way? why do you want to attain moksha? everyone says you want to attain moksha, what will you do after that? everyone assumption after moksha will be happy soul or wont born again on this earth and suffer? come on guys… even bacteria or smaller invisible living beings are existing and re- producing every day, don’t they want to take Sanyas? Human has brain to think and result all these various forms. Do your duty and rest are mystery. Sanyas – Life which don’t want to be in earth since earth is made for life which needs love, anger, sin, punniya, karma etc.

    Think one more thing, before human civilized and started all these differentiation among them, why God did not have Sanyas? lot of concepts in this world… think, consume which is good for you at that time and live happily. Rest is MYSTERY in this world and no one will know about it.

    Example: How many of you scare of Ghost? and Why?

    Say this to Ghost – maximum Ghost can do to you (as per old believes/movies :)) is death. You are scared to leave you relations, loved ones or greedy in this life you see. Say this to Ghost – if already death can do something to me, think if I die because of you and became ghost? I will trouble more than you did to me when I was human. 😀

    Ending up my understandings, I may get lot of -ve comments or +ve one… but I don’t worry about it.

  19. I got married but I am not happy in my married life I hate him and no family support so I want to become a sanyasi plz guide me

  20. All those who wish to be sanyasi or sanyasin, to me they all give a feeling that they are ALONE, Lonely and depressed. Some of them who are in twenties , may have different reasons but all have one thing in common. They have no religious, community service , helping others and any such reason for becoming sadhu or sadhvi. Whereas i think that becoming sanyasi is to give whatever you have- knowledge, help to others, contribute in their lives. Mr. Sanjay, the doctor above can contribute a lot to the people.
    I am 67, male, hale and hearty, all of you who really wish to become sadhu, sanyashi may communicate with me and we can jointly decide the system to become sanyasis who can be usuful to the people by our taking sanyas. If your reasons for sanyas are just to leave your families because of strained relations or other reasons, we can explore the reasons to live our further life by making it meaning ful and as the same time pursue our aim of become sadhu or sadhvi.
    Those who find my idea acceptable may kindly write to me on my email: shrivksharma@yahoo.com or call at 9818822225. I AM KEEN TO BE A SANYASI WITH AN AIM TO ATTAIN REAL PEACE AND WOULD LIKE TO LIVE MY BALANCE LIFE MEANINGFULLY.

  21. I want to get more knowledge about inner realization…ppl who like to get Sanyasam…pls reply me….peace is life…

  22. Jai Sri ram,
    Sarvey bhavanthu Suginaha, Sarvey shanthu Niraamayaa,
    Sarvey bhathrani basyanthu, makhachith Dukha bhathbaveth;
    Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi;
    As above said by Ghost, aparajitha, and anil reddy;
    it is true that every one cannot be sanyasi;
    But somebody enlighten to become sanyasi by surrounding people;
    somebody by their karma;
    But most of sanyasis are compelled by the pressure of Grahasthasramam;
    I am also the one ; but i am not sanyasi but i am willing to be;
    but i am in search of a suitable guru to me to enlighten my darkness;
    May god bless us all; Om shanthi

  23. My name is Mahesh Koregol. I am a beggar for money. Please give me money. Please make me as a Sanyasi.

  24. Hi, I want to take sanyas and help to people on these way. In above most of people commented like they are frusted that’s why they take sanyas. But im not gonna to take sanyas of this reason. Actually i think i born for sanyas only. I want moksha and want to be present great example infront of world with help people. Life is so critical but many door open when u going for actual solution and want to leave life happily. So plz atleast tell one way to take sanyas and the process. My Age is [31] . Thanks . and wait for reply as sson as possible..!!

  25. I am suffering from so much of pain in my life. The person whom i loved most giving me the pain. I have no desire to live this life, instead of ending my life i want to take sanyasa and want to do something to make free my soul and also can help or can do any noble work for people, society. I want to live a life like a devotee of God. Please help me someone how can i take sanyasa and can live a peaceful life.

  26. Dear readers, every one on this earth have born with a reason either by past karmas or by wish of God. Taking Sanyas or escaping from situation or commiting sucides is not a solution for problems. Go through the principles of Gita and also go through Swmi Vivekanad’s speeches, you all will get answers and solution for your problems and doubts. Waiting for death happily is not created only by taking sanyas. When ur turn comes it automaticaly comes to you. Dear editor good post with incomplete details. God bless all of you with his blessings with Nishkam Satkarm yog. Sarve Janah sukhino bhavantu Sanmangalani bhavantu….OM

  27. I want to become a sanyasi I am 36 years old I am totaly colapsed in my married life no peace in my life no money I am helpless in this world so pls help me to take sanyasi its very urgent

  28. Respected sir/madam,i bhavana 24years old i want to join sanyasi in order to live a life wid peace of mind its a big wish list for me so how can i approach you can you please assist me

  29. I am a defeated woman i am waiting for my death but before i dead i want gods blessing i want to take sanyasa plzzz any one help me how could i join there plzzz tell me any ashyama to join right now am in bangalore plzzz help me

  30. dear brothers and sisters,
    Well , many of you expressed that u want to get into sanyasaashram. Infact,if u really look into the reason for ur idea of being sanyasi…it is only n only the worldly problems that you are trying to escape from…and with this reason even if u enter the sanyas aasharam you wouldnt be successful.And this would happen because…sanyasi is the one with the highest state of mind..and that state could be attainable only after a perfect analyzation of life.i mean a sanyasi is the one who has already crossed manyy difficult stages of life and faced them successfully.
    well, my dearest brothers and sisters , life is just a game…accept whatever comes into ur life and be brave to face all ur problems successfully.Every problem would definitely have a solution.Everyone of us have infinite strength within us.realise that strength and everything becomes possible.Have faith in urselves brothers and sisters!!all the best!!

  31. I have a vision to become a viragi in my life from my childhood and I started running after it but I failed in academics now I am starting my own business .I will be successful in that and after that I wanna test my self fit for nirvana

  32. Actually i m 26 years i am interested for many a days to just live my rest life before god only for him but no onelse yes god have only send me to do my work in this world but people are very rude i want to spent my life befor him please help me out

  33. I want to become sanyasi please gide me.Take me from my home please.
    Please contact me 9700708020

  34. I want to became sanyasi, i am 24 years old iam not intrested about mrg life,soo plzzz tell me how can approach to became a sanyasi,

  35. Iam vidya I want to became sanyasi, i am 24 years old iam not intrested about mrg life,soo plzzz tell me how can approach to became a sanyasi,

  36. I want to live like sadhu (sanyashi) bcz I am help less person.my wife is not like me I am 32 years old and my wife is 25 years old. She want live like model and she wants many more boy frnds her age gruop. Ye muje meri wife ne hi bataya jab maine ye suna to ye din mere life ka sab se bura aur kala din tha. Meri wife muje 7 years se janti h aur unke kahne per maine sadhi b kiya tha maine kabi force nahi kiya unko sadhi karne ka per unko maine mere se sadhi karna h ya nahi kar k bahut time b diya mere mummy papa ne b bahut time diya aur meri wife ne bola ki main sadhi karungi to tumse varna main kisi se b nahi karungi per ab unko main aged wala admi dikhta hu..muje bahut bura lagta h maine unko kabi dukhi nahi kiya.per ab vah muje ghar main bitha k khud jhut bol k boy frnd k sath ghum k aati hai.main bahut paresan ho muje ab ye moh maya ki duniya nahi chahiye.muje pahle hi malum tha ki ladki ka creator thik nahi h per maine socha ki main unko sudhar lunga per ye mere se jhut bol k b chali jati thi.mera chhota buisness h jo ki mere liye kya ek aam insan k liye kafi h main month k 3 se 4 lakh kama leta hu.per meri wife ko mera buisness pasand nai tha main hotel industry se hu.aur meri wife bolti h tumhari cmpny logon k juthe bartan dhone wali cmpny h. Mere cmpny main wo kaam b nahi karna chahti.so ye sari prblm main apne mummy papa ko nahi bolna chahta kyuin ki unki sari umeed tut jayegi.main bahut paresan hu koi muje help kariye ki muje kaise aur kab Apni life achhe se nikal saku.

  37. dear sir ,
    i wannna take sanyas , i got fadup with my life .
    if there any possibilityies plz contact to me 9977746296

  38. i am also like to , to take sanyasam ,,,,, he he he he going going to sanyasam ……:)
    i am here in world dont feel every body 🙂

  39. Respected sir/madam,i lalit 24years old i want to join sanyasi in order to live a life wid peace of mind its a big wish list for me so how can i approach you can you please assist me

  40. I want to become sadhu because i enjoyed my life every thing i am just 25 and i want peace rest of my life

  41. respected sir
    good evening
    my self manoj kumar
    and age 24, unmarried
    i get sannyas bcz i am not interested in married life and i make social woker in tha life
    plz contact to me respected sir
    mobile :- 9871591771
    email :- manojk488@gmail.com

  42. if you want to take sannyas, its best to find a guru, there are many gurus.

  43. I am 38 years old male. Want to become sanyasi as I don’t see any meaning in the world. I want to seek the ultimate truth and possibly alleviate human suffering to possible extent. Could anyone guide me to right place and right guru?

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